2014 Japanese holiday

So we arrived in Japan after a long flight, with a short Hong Kong transit.

Was so tired after the flight, with minimal sleep, we caught the train from Narita airport to Shinjuku without any problems, off the train and went to a travel information area to get directions to the hotel, bit of a language barrier but we sorted out the way to go, and then the unthinkable, Will realized he had left his back pack with wallet, passport, all forms of ID etc. We quickly ran to the gate and the attendant who did not speak English waved will through to go to the train, so off he ran while I waited with the luggage outside the gates, thinking what a start to the trip.

I waited with no idea what was happening, then five minutes later will arrived back with his bag over his shoulder, having explained to the conductor he had left his bag and was able to identify himself without having any thing including the ticket, while the conductor spoke very little English. What a start to the holiday.

The rest of that day was just a relaxing stroll around shinjuku with a great meal at a Sushi restaurant as well as some octopus balls at a little roadside shop. Early to bed and slept with plans to go to the imperial palace in our heads.

The next morning after a very relaxing sleep we went for a walk to find some breakfast, and while on the way found a travel agent we had been wanting to ask about a trip to Hakone-Yumoto for some beautiful scenery and hot springs, they convinced us we could do it in a day rather than overnight, so we booked our tickets for the 9th one way as we were not sure what time we would head back, but knew we could make the last train (fingers crossed).

The off to breakfast and catch a train to Tokyo station and walk to the imperial palace gardens, and what an adventure it turned out to be.

We aerobes at the street near the palace to see a line of what could be 100,000 people or more heading to the place gardens, it is Sakura season (Cherry blossom) and everyone seemed to be heading to the place to see it. But the line moved very quickly even if it was at a slower then usual pace, after about an hour or walking in a mass pack we entered through the garden gates. Still the mass pack all walked together, when we saw an opportunity to head to the east garden which looked like less people were taking we took the opportunity and finally we could stroll at our own pace. Was beautiful to see the blossom up close as well as from a distance, we will never know what we would have seen on the other path as this was a one way trip, once in the east garden you could only leave the gardens, but it was still worth the wait.

After a couple of hours, we decided to head to Ginza and look around, so off we went. Lots of walking and window shopping made for a great afternoon.

Once back at the hotel around 6 for a rest I check my pedometer and we had done 22000 steps. So after we went out for dinner and a walk around we had done 28000 steps for the day, that’s around 22km, no wonder our feet were tired. As were we.

Today we got up early and jumped on the 7:27 train to Hakone. So far a relaxing trip, with Wills bag in eye sight the whole time. Hehe